We are: Scott, Sherrie and Amanda Amon of Vancouver, WA, USA (Just across the river from Portland, Oregon.) Scott and I are the parents of three grown children and grandparents of two.


In the fall of 2005, Scott and I retired from the tugs and pulls of owning our own businesses.  We now dedicate the majority of our time trying to guide Amanda, our youngest daughter, through her College years and we are very involved in Showing and Breeding Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers.


Amanda is a three time State Championship competitor for her High School Swim Team and recipient of Athletic/Scholastic Achievement Awards.  She also did a wonderful job with both Junior Handling and assisting us in showing our Wheatens in the AKC Breed Classes. As a result of her hard efforts Amanda earned a much coveted invitation to compete the Junior Handling Competition at the 2003 National Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show.  Unfortunately, the dates of this show were the very same as her first year High School Semester Finals’ and, we are proud to say,  Amanda made a very mature decision that "school comes first" and chose to not compete at this prestigious dog show.


How Glenamon Soft Coated Wheatens Began:


It seems that a good many of the dog fancy have at one time or another been involved with horses. Scott, Amanda and I can be counted among their numbers.  Scott and I felt that our young family needed a hobby that would involve the entire family and teach our children lessons in responsibility and compassion. We chose a hobby that involved caring for and training animals.  With my life long love affair with horses and ten acres to fill….There was no question about which animal would fill those acres and become our first family hobby. In 1986 the kids began showing horses in 4-H Events and Open Horse Shows. This activity evolved into our family Showing, breeding and raising American Quarter Horses.  Scott and I became members and officers of the Southwest Washington Quarter Horse Association and were involved in managing American Quarter Horse Association Horse shows and events here in Clark County, WA. The children were members of both a 4-H Club and the Junior Quarter Horse Club and showed their horses in these organizations’ competitions. My horseback activities were centered on Stock Horse and Team Cow Penning competitions.


When our older two children, Valerie and Russell, grew up and moved away from home to further their education and begin their separate lives Scott and I began to feel the burden of the many heavy chores that were part of "life with horses."  We wanted to reduce our labor load and yet continue with a hobby that we and Amanda could participate in together.  The logical answer seemed to be "downsize to dogs!" 


After nearly a year of researching different breeds and their characteristics and health issues we decided on what seemed the perfect breed for us. Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. Medium sized, no shed, more people friendly, less dog aggressive…..Perfect!  In 2001 we began the search for just the right pedigree and just the right breeder. We feel that we found both in September 2001 when we purchased our first Wheaten, Gleanngay Quintessa (Tessa) from Gay Dunlap, Gleanngay Wheaten Terriers of Santa Fe, NM.


Gay (Sherman) Dunlap began exhibiting and breeding Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers in the early years of the 1970’s and eventually became an AKC Judge.  As our mentor, Gay's extensive experience and knowledge of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier provided us with a wonderful education of the breed. We truly appreciate her part in helping us begin our “Glenamon Wheaten” journey.


Tessa began her show career in January 2002 and become our first AKC Champion one year later. Our first Glenamon litter was born in March 2004. Tessa has been an outstanding  Mother and Grandmother.  In the last nine years we have learned and enjoyed so much about these dogs and will continue to learn and enjoy even more. The Amon name has been on the AKC papers as breeders/co-breeders, owners/co-owners and/or exhibitors of 12 AKC Champions since 2001. While we do enjoy our dogs’ success in the show rings and whelping box, it is also gratifying to know that we have been able to help other families happily fall in love one our Glenamon Wheatens. In Oct. 2009, our fourth generation of Glenamon puppies will be born and we have every reason to believe that at least one of them will become Glenamon’s fourth generation AKC Champion and all will be well loved by their families.


Sherrie & Scott Amon

Glenamon Soft Coated Wheatens Terriers